Coralwatch Display

How it Works

Step 1

At the Ambassador Training Day, you will learn all about coral reefs and CoralWatch and become experts on the subject!

Step 2

Check with the school library or find another suitable location at school for the display. Arrange the duration (number of weeks – maximum 4) your display will be up and running.

Step 3

Ambassadors contact us to order the free CoralWatch Challenge Pack.

The pack includes:

  • Coral Reefs and Climate Change book and DVD to keep in school library

  • Poster and extra info about Moreton Bay corals

  • Coral Health Charts for display

  • CoralWatch quiz + prize

  • More ideas for your display to make the display interactive, fun and inviting.

Step 4

Set up your display with the CoralWatch Challenge Pack you receive! Make sure you leave blank space on the wall and some pins for kids to add their artwork to your display. This will make it more interesting, and is important for STEP 6 below!

Step 5

Don’t forget to advertise your display, too! Write in the newsletter and present on assembly about where people can find your display, what’s involved and why its there. 

Step 6

The challenge is nearly complete! After 4 weeks (or less), complete the CoralWatch Challenge and disassemble your display. Count the number of completed activities on the wall (pledges, do’s and don’ts for the reef, colouring-in, reef monitoring activities). Email these numbers to Dini along with some photos!

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