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Grow an Appreciation for Plants through Gardening!

Gardening is a fantastic way for young people to learn about natural processes and understand where their food comes from. Germinating seeds, planting seedlings, composting, and starting a worm farm are all fantastic ways to connect with nature!

Early Years Learning Framework

Learning Outcomes: 

2.4 – Children become socially responsible and show respect for the environment

3.2 – Children take increasing responsibility for their own health and wellbeing

4.2 – Children develop a range of skills and processes 


3. High expectations and equity


1. Holistic approaches

CHALLENGE: Germination Station


Seeds  /  Recycled pots e.g. egg shells, old containers, plastic bottles cut in half  /  Soil  / 
Watering can or container  /  A windowsill or outdoor are to keep pots


Leave up to 2 months for growing seeds
30 minutes – STEP 2
45 minutes – STEP 3

Step 1 - Get Prepared

Pick some seeds to grow with the kids in your centre. It is important to choose seeds that are good for the current climate and that will grow quick. Use our Germination Station Guide for some seed tips!

Gather your equipment for each child!

Step 2 - Plant Appreciation

Before you begin germinating seeds with your children, take a small walk around your centre’s gardens or nearby park. Have a discussion with your centre about the importance of plants in ecosystems. You can ask the following questions: 

  • Why do they exist?

  • What do we receive from them?

  • Why are they important for our local wildlife?

  • What happens if we do not take care of our plants?

  • How do we take care of plants at home and in wild areas? 

Step 3 - Get Germinating!

Show your kids how to sow seeds in the containers or pots. Have your kids sow their seeds and place them in the Germination Station. Take photos of your seeds once they are sown, when they start to grow and when they become seedlings! 

Send us your Germination Station Photo Journal! Your centre could go in the draw to win a Bunnings Voucher to help your centre along with there gardening journey! 

Want to grow more plants or have your own early learning garden?

Your centre can apply for a Woolworths Junior Landcare Grant! Click to see more information and how you can apply!

You could even apply for free native plants if your school is within the Brisbane City Council area. 

Finished Germinating your seeds? Check out these ways to upcycle your new seedlings!

  • Sell your plants to families, you can set up a little stall outside your centre

  • Create gifts out of your seedlings for holidays such as Mothers day! 

  • Plant your seedlings in your centres garden 

  • Place in upcycled pots e.g. old tires or containers to use as pot plant decorations! 


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We can't wait to see your centers' germination station photo journal!

Activities about Gardening and Plants

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