A Guide to fundraising for EcoMarines

Why Support EcoMarines?

We’re on a mission to inspire a community of environmental heroes, and any money that you raise will help with this. Check out this video to see why you should fundraise for EcoMarines!

This fundraising guide will equip you with ideas for activities and events, and all you need to know to help fundraise for EcoMarines. We are a not-for-profit organisation which means that any money raised or donated goes directly back into our programs to help create a community of environmental heroes. 

Our team would love to hear about and support your initiative – please get in touch and tell us all about your plans!

Host an Event!

Trivia Night

​Get some friends together for an event full of laughs!

Host a few Trivia rounds, and why not have an eco-themed round to educate your friends about taking care of the environment? 

You can also save paper by using a Trivia App or Website! 

Wrapper-Free Bake Sale or Morning Tea

A great way to raise money and eat some yummy treats!

Sell baked goods or host a morning tea and ask for a gold coin donation. 

 Check out some eco-friendly baking packaging ideas below!

Go Green for EcoMarines

Host a dress-up or celebration day in your workplace or community - just like our EcoMarines ambassadors do at school. 

Participants can bring a donation to wear green! Or even send an email with our donation link to make it easier! 

Host a Litter Walk

Help clean up your local areas and fund raise all at the same time!

Pick an area that needs a clean-up in a local park or nature area. Invite friends to join and bring gloves and buckets. Conduct your litter walk and ask for donations! 

We also have a litter audit sheet to help you quantify the amount of litter picked up!

Documentary Viewing

Incorporate fundraising with environmental education!

Host a documentary viewing during a lunchtime or at home to teach friends and colleagues about sustainability and environmental issues. You can charge an entry fee or ask for donations. 

An EcoMarines favourite is 'A Plastic Ocean". Watch the trailer now!

Design your Own Fundraiser

You can get creative and design your own event or fundraiser.

We would love to hear your ideas and support you along the way.

Helpful Resources

EcoMarines Flyer

Let your peers know about what EcoMarines is all about!

EcoMarines Logo

Download EcoMarines logo to help advertise your EcoMarines Fundraiser!

Tag us on Socials!

We would love to see you fundraiser on socials. Make sure to tag and follow us!

How To Donate...

You can deposit your well-earned funds via the options below. If you have questions or require other options, please get in touch.  

  • Please ensure that fundraising campaigns are truthful, and a fair representation of EcoMarines  

  • Ensure that the money raised is donated to EcoMarines 

  • It is important to state that you are raising funds on behalf of EcoMarines e.g. “Proudly raising funds to support the work of Tangalooma EcoMarines Foundation Ltd.” 

  • “Donations over $2 are tax-deductible, however not all funds raised via community fundraising will qualify as a ‘donation’ by law and therefore cannot be issued a tax receipt. 
    For example, fundraisers that are based on purchases cannot attract a tax-deductible receipt as the event attendee / purchaser is receiving something in return for their purchase (e.g. event tickets, raffle tickets, auction items etc.) even though the money from these items will be donated to Tangalooma EcoMarnies. 

  • Fundraisers who collect cash donations during their fundraising activity regretfully are not authorised to provide a receipt to the donor for tax-deduction purposes. However, if anyone donating money would like a receipt then you are welcome to direct them to our website (www.ecomarines.com/donate). For every donation made on the EcoMarines website, an automatic tax-deductible receipt will be issued. 

  • Fundraisers who collect cash donations as part of a community fundraising activity on behalf of Tangalooma EcoMarines will receive a letter of gratitude and acknowledgement of funds received. However, this will not be in the form of a receipt that the fundraiser can use for tax-deduction purposes.

Before the Fundraiser...

  • For any promotions, it is important to state that you are raising funds on behalf of EcoMarines e.g. “Proudly raising funds to support the work of Tangalooma EcoMarines Foundation Ltd.” 

  • We recommend digital promotion where possible to save paper! 

  • It’s important to consider and abide by privacy and media regulations. If you would like to take photos at an event, you could obtain media permission prior OR display a sign saying “photos are being taken”. This is especially important for kids – contact us if you would like our template media release form! 

After the Fundraiser...

  • Give yourself a big pat on the back, and let us know how you went! We’d love to know how many people attended/donated 

  • Ensure that any cash is collected and stored securely 

  • Please tag us in any social media posts! 

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