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Sustainability in the Workplace

Workplaces are busy. We understand that not every workplace has the time to dedicate employers to maintaining sustainability in the workplace. 

To make things easier, we have collated services, resources and guides onto one page. All you need to do is figure out which areas of sustainability your workplace needs to work on, click on the topics below and all the information will there for you! 


Our EcoMarines ambassadors work hard in their school communities to create positive behaviour change for our environment. And so can you in your workplace!

Our EcoMarines are the next generation of Conservation Heroes, but adults have an important job to help them out. Watch this video by one of our ambassadors Angel to learn about why protecting our environment at the local level is vital! You can even share this with your work mates to educate them on all things EcoMarines. 

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Establishing better recycling can start in the workplace...

Many items in office settings can be given a second, third and even fourth life just by diverting items from general waste into an appropriate recycling stream. 

Did you know that the recycling process can divert over 37 million tones of materials? Your workplace can be a part of this statistic with establishing a RECYCLING STATION. 


STEP 1. 

Purchase or create recycling bins for collection. Place these at a easy-to access part of the office. 

Here are some companies that provide recycling bins: 
Eco Bins
Purchase colour coded bins for 4 waste separation system! These bins are made out of sustainable and light weight corrugated plastic.
Click Here

STEP 2. Advertise your bins effectively and educate your work mates on what can and cannot go inside each bin. You can use our printable recycling posters. 

STEP 3. Disposing of your bin contents.

Ask work mates to volunteer to dispose of one bin each or create a schedule! 

There are plenty of of one-stop-shops where you can drop of most recyclable goods. 

Click on the slides to the right to find a way that works best for your workplace!

You can drop off popular office items at Officeworks including E-waste, printer cartridges, batteries and even pens!
Click Here
Visy Paper and Cardboard Drop-Off's
You can drop-off all paper and cardboard at a Visy centre near you!
Click Here
Drop-off all soft plastics at your local Coles or Woolworths thanks to RedCycle!
Click Here
Resource Recovery Centre's
For disposal for general recycling, the best place is your local Resource Recovery Central.
Click Here


There are plenty of services around South East QLD that can provide a full recycling set-up at a workplace. 

These services will even take care of picking up and disposing of the contents in each bin. In some cases, they will provide the workplace with data of how much recycled items have been deviated from general waste. 


Cleanaway - a sponsor of EcoMarines can provide workplaces with recycling services including comingled recycling, E-waste recycling and paper + cardboard!
Click Here
Terracycle Zero Waste Box Program
Terracycle provides flexible recycling options for businesses. Workplaces can choose which waste stream or streams they wish to recycle and Terracycle will provide you with a box and all you have to do is ship the box off when full!
Click Here
Visy Recycling Services
Visy can provide workplaces with custom recycling services. Visy focus particularly on recycling glass, metal, paper and cardboard and plastic.
Click Here

Recycle drink containers and support community at the same time!

Containers for Change is a recycling scheme where organisations, individuals and households can recycle drink containers for a 10 cent refund per item. 

It is a simple way to divert containers from general waste and collect funds which can be donated to charities. 

In 2019, more than half a billion containers have been returned and re-used as part of this scheme! It is easy to get your workplace on board!


STEP 1. 

Set up a box or bin to collect drink containers. This can be a part of the workplace recycling station!

STEP 2. 

Advertise what can and cannot go in your Containers for Change bin. You can use our downloadable poster. 


Find out where you local refund collection point is. This is where members of your workplace can take the collected drink containers for a 10 cent per container refund! Look at the slides below!


Containers for Change Refund Point
Use this website to search for a Containers for Change location near you!
Click Here
Envirobank Recycling Locations
Envirobank provides bags for you to use to collect containers. You can then use the website below to find your nearest collection point!
Click Here

STEP 4. Donate to EcoMarines! 

Support EcoMarines by choosing to donate your workplace Containers for Change refund to us! 

Your donation will be helping us to provide environmental education programs to more schools and therefore empower students to become conservation leaders in their local communities!  

It’s easy! Use our refund code: 


EcoMarines partners with a local organisations that can: 

1. Provide workplaces with a Containers for Change bin 

2. Pick up the bin for recycling when full

3. Process the refund with a part of refund going to EcoMarines and a part to the organisation for processing fees. 

Email us to partner with Community Co Recycling!

Divert food from general waste!

Organic waste that ends up in landfill can contribute to the generation of methane – a potent greenhouse gas. Methane produced by organic material waste accounts for 3% of Australia’s total emissions. 

Your workplace can be a part of the solution by recycling organic waste such as food scraps through composting! 


If your business or workplace is small enough and have an indoor or outdoor space available, you can purchase a small-scale composter.

These systems will breakdown food waste and create organic compost, fertilizer or soil which can be taken home or used for work gardens. 

Check out the workplace-friendly options below!

Composta System
If your office is small and has an outdoor or balcony area, this worm farm and garden hybrid is perfect! Food waste can go in the centre compartment and fertilizer is directed to the surrounding garden bed!
Click Here
Indoor Bokashi Composter
This system can be kept in the workplace kitchen. It is smell-free and a great way to help breakdown organic waste. A member will just need to take the left-over material to place into a garden or household compost bin.
Click Here
Breville FoodCycler
For an electronic alternative, theBreville FoodCycler is perfect - especially for a small workplace. 2 litres of food scraps can be placed in the machine to be turned into EcoChips (garden compost chips) in under 4 hours.
Click Here

How to start collecting food waste: 

STEP 1. Have a compost collection bin in the office kitchen 

STEP 2.  Clearly label the bin with what can and cannot go in the bin. Check out our poster on the right!

STEP 3. Share your compost, fertilizer or chips with your office

STEP 4. Share data on how much organic waste your office has diverted from going into general waste


If your business or workplace is large or produces a substantial amount of food waste, then a professional service may be useful. 

These services can pick up food waste, garden waste and organic by-products and take them to a commercial composting system to create soil, compost, mulch and fertilizer.

Most services will tailor the process to your workplaces needs!

Cleanaway - Organic Waste
Cleanaway can provide organic waste management services. They can conduct a waste audit and provide flexible options of pick-up and processing of organic waste.
Click Here
Suez Food and Garden Organics
Suez is a waste management company that can provide collection bins for food and garden organics. They will then collect the contents, compost the material and then send the material for use in many sectors.
Click Here
Compost Connect
This organisation provides a Compost Network where you can input your postcode and get matched with a local business that can compost food waste for you.
Click Here

Reducing energy and water in the workplace can be easy!

Energy and water use in the workplace can be costly and un-sustainable.

Energy wastage can be linked to the production of pollutants and greenhouse gases and increased water usage can have similar effects.

To start reducing energy and water in the workplace, an important place to start is to audit usage and then find realistic, affordable approaches to lowering usage. 



We have collated some helpful resources with information on where to start in terms of reducing water and energy use in the workplace

See below for easy tips and tricks!

Urban Utilities
Urban Utilities is an inaugural sponsor of EcoMarines. They have tailored top tips to save water depending on the type of workplace you have from retail to manufacturing and more!
Click Here
Aus Gov Energy
The Australian Government has provided a thorough guide with practical solutions to save energy and money in the workplace.
Click Here
QLD Gov Tips
The Queensland Government has created an energy saving checklist to help you identify the top priority action items in terms of reducing energy wastage.
Click Here


Check out the below services that can help with energy and water saving.

Free ecoBiz Program
ecoBiz is a FREE program for small to medium businesses in Queensland. The program will conduct an assessment to identify areas of improvement for water, energy and waste.
Click Here
Solar Power Grants and Incentives
Energy Australia have give a great guide on the grants and incentives given by the Australian Government for businesses to implement solar power or renewable energy sources in the workplace.
Click Here

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